New Techniques and Approaches to Language Learning

Introducing New Techniques and Approaches to Language Learning_ Communicative Approach or Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Its origins can be traced to the 60s, with the changes that occur in the British language teaching tradition. At this point, the foundations of Audiolingualism begin to be questioned, mainly as a result of Chomsky’s cognitivist ideas (cf. section […]

Why digital citizenship is important

Are you busy preparing new content and learning experiences for your students?  If you are, never miss the opportunity to include digital citizenship in relation to online environments. This video cleverly highlights the scary truth about how much personal information is available about those who are not careful. A fun way to make a point!

Individual English Lessons with Halina

Halina’s English Courses and Lessons   Invitation Are you nervous about communicating in English with foreign colleagues? Do you have a good command of English, but feel like your flexibility may be lacking? Would you like to learn how to sound more natural when making small talk and discussing problems? Do you feel the need to improve your conversational skills? If you responded “YES” to any of these […]

Teaching Adults

    When we decide to teach adults, the awareness, as well as comprehension of whom we teach and what we learn, is essential here. 1) Adults do not want to waste the time. Some adults take language courses because of a job requirement while others have their particular goal to attain (such as a […]

Open Education

As the Open Education Consortium says: “sharing is probably the most basic characteristic of education: education is sharing knowledge, insights and information with others, upon which new knowledge, skills, ideas and understanding can be built.” Open education is a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge. Proponents of open education […]