Teaching Adults

    When we decide to teach adults, the awareness, as well as comprehension of whom we teach and what we learn, is essential here. 1) Adults do not want to waste the time. Some adults take language courses because of a job requirement while others have their particular goal to attain (such as a […]

Open Education

As the Open Education Consortium says: “sharing is probably the most basic characteristic of education: education is sharing knowledge, insights and information with others, upon which new knowledge, skills, ideas and understanding can be built.” Open education is a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge. Proponents of open education […]


ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION HALINA’S ENGLISH ONLINE COURSE   What’s inside: Are you unsatisfied with your level of Spoken English? Do you want to become a forward-thinking speaker and reach to a great extent fluency? Is joining English meetings very challenging? Is it difficult to participate and communicate efficiently? If so, my course is for you! […]

Perfect Site For Teachers

For Online Teachers Online Teaching and Tutoring Job Searching Tips WHAT online teaching is and it’s required skills. Exactly like a traditional teacher, an online teacher must be equipped with certain characteristics that set him/her apart from his/her competitors. To be great in her/his profession or professional life, he/she needs to be equipped with a […]

Learning English Strategies

Conventional methods of learning English exemplify passive learning with a limited success rate. Active Training of English Skills is much more effective than passive learning. Disadvantages of Passive Language Learning The major weakness of passive learning is that it splits the language into different components – reading, writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation – which you […]