Music in English Teaching

The post is about my wonderful experiences online.

Edupunk  George Machlan: Internet-based Test: Speaking, English Teacher – United States

George Machlan

Master Edutainer and speech coach

St George’s Academy of Dragon Slaying and Spoken English, United States

Oct 2009 – Present

English, spoken, listening, writing, poetry, film, song

The developer of several new online classroom dynamics. Currently in the beta test of new innovation of direct method for learning English with popular American songs only. This system is called ‘Karaoke ESL’ or abbreviated as KESL.

Edupunk English

Halina’s English

The Edupunk Movement

I started my online English teaching on WizIQ

Introduction to Halina’s Karaoke ESL Review

I correct only the fundamental mistakes, as I don’t want my students to stop speaking.

I also believe in a power of teaching/learning with fun.  Check my classes on WizIQ;

Halina’s Karaoke ESL Review

Presented by: Edupunk Team 1

This group of pilgrims called “The Edupunk” is seeking a new paradigm for online learning. We hold to several core principles:
1. All can teach, all should teach
2. Mistakes and willing to risk mistakes are much preferred over the false goal of perfection.
3. Fun activities and gaming are not only more engaging; they are the key to a sustainable model for learning… anything.
4. Live interaction and group activities create the basis for deep and experiential learning.
5. Accountability and competition are the foundations of our community. We build and only associate with leaders who can recognize that they and every member have the knowledge to share.

Those were spoken English classes. We had a lot of fun.


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