Open Education

As the Open Education Consortium says: “sharing is probably the most basic characteristic of education: education is sharing knowledge, insights and information with others, upon which new knowledge, skills, ideas and understanding can be built.” Open education is a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge. Proponents of open education […]

Learning English Strategies

Conventional methods of learning English exemplify passive learning with a limited success rate. Active Training of English Skills is much more effective than passive learning. Disadvantages of Passive Language Learning The major weakness of passive learning is that it splits the language into different components – reading, writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation – which you […]

Communication Strategies

Halina _Future _Education_final HBO_wiziqHave you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to talk with some people and so easy to talk with others? Can you recall an occasion where you met someone for the first time and immediately liked that person? Something about the individual made you feel comfortable.   A major goal of […]

Maker Movement: Technology Revitalizes Hands-On Education in Classrooms

Originally posted on BroadyEdTech:
Good article: Excerpt: Wedding Virtual and Physical Enter the maker movement: students are making things, designing things—actualthings. The maker movement is an approach to design that shifts production of items from corporate manufacturing to a smaller, personal scale with the help of technology. This movement—in conjunction with the STEM (science,…

Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto – Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online

Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto – Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online. Wideo is a neat video creation service that allows anyone to create animated videos and Common Craft-style videos online through a simple drag-and-drop process. A couple of months ago Wideo started offering templates to help users start their video projects. Wideo templates provide a basic framework for a video’s […]