The Global Scale of English

The Global Scale of English: A new solution that’s off the scale The Global Scale of English (GSE), the world’s first truly global English language standard, will allow you to measure progress accurately and easily. Our ultimate ambition is to provide learners – wherever they are in the world – with the answers to these […]

Methods and Principles

Here you can find a list of our post which look at various methods and principles of English language teaching. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to articles by other bloggers… Source: Methods and Principles Important READING.

Halina’s Conversational English Online Course

Halina’s Conversational English Are you unsatisfied with your level of English? Would you like to become a fluent, as well as a forward-thinking speaker? Music in English Teaching Introduction If yes, my course is exactly for you! Course Highlight • This course will help you to become fluent in English • Astonishing learning methods that […]

Language Learning Theories

http:// There is no agreement on a “complete” theory of second language acquisition yet. Each theoretical framework has a different focus and its limitations. Behaviorism: emphasizing stimuli and responses, but ignoring the mental processes that are involved in learning. Innate LAD, based on intuitions Information processing and connection-ism: involving controlled laboratory experiments where human learning […]