17 Best Reasons to take a Conversation Course

This is why I offer Halina’s Conversational English Course.

Which of the reasons are the most important for you?

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cactus flower by rob howard cactus flower by rob howard

While organizing, developing and then finalizing my own course’s new conversation class materials (a shameless plug), I got to thinking about the reasons students should be taking them on a regular basis to further develop their language skills. Here are my 17 best core necessities for starting a conversation class right now.

Rehearsal For Real-life

Using a language is one of the keys to fluency. If you are learning a foreign language, opportunities to speak with natives can be hard to come by. This will definitely limit your exposure to using the language, and people tend to get demotivated. With conversation classes, you are guaranteed an opportunity to speak, to listen and to practice on a regular basis.

Globalized Pronunciation

Proper pronunciation and accent reduction are keys to being understood. Remember that we are globalized now and not every language learner will have…

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