Competence in Communication And Interpersonal Skills

The presentation is about how to communicate efficiently and the ways of improving communication skills. My online activity inspired me to get reverting to my earlier research about effective communication. From my view, connecting with the use of the Internet seems to be creating new questions about the way people communicate. I am working to […]

New Techniques and Approaches to Language Learning

Introducing New Techniques and Approaches to Language Learning_ Communicative Approach or Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Its origins can be traced to the 60s, with the changes that occur in the British language teaching tradition. At this point, the foundations of Audiolingualism begin to be questioned, mainly as a result of Chomsky’s cognitivist ideas (cf. section […]

Internet and Education

We should consider the following questions: – What are the potential effects of the Internet for education and learning? – What main forms of Internet-based education have developed over the past 20 years? – How does the educational potential of the Internet relate to the realities of its use? – Most significantly, how should we […]