Music In English Teaching

Songs for Teaching English_final Songs are the art of speaking I have been using songs to teach English and Polish for a long time. Personally, I strongly believe in the power of good music as well as lyrics. Songs may help with learning pronunciation and can be the inspiration for extraordinarily interesting, challenging discussions. Several […]

Teaching in the 21st Century

I cannot comprehend questions like “Should I rent or buy?” or “Which credit card is the best for me?” if I have no knowledge of the basic facts of mathematics (ie. addition, multiplication, percentages, interest rates). How can you ask a student to find out the number of grains of sand on an average beach? […]

Writing – Solutions to Mistakes

There are a number of ways to help students overcome their difficulties. Students jump very quickly from producing short texts, which are often written in order to practise a particular grammar item, to writing compositions which require a lot more than simply getting the ‘grammar right’ to be successful. They need to consider how to […]

Technology Enhanced Language Learning 

So why should language teachers make use of digital technologies? Oxford University Press Aisha Walker, Associate Professor of Technology, Education and Learning at Leeds University, introduces her webinar, Technology Enhanced Language Learning, hosted by Oxford University Press on February 25th and 26th. As I lead an MA programme in TESOL and ICT I frequently see draft student assignments […]

Integrating video content in the EFL classroom with International Express – Part 1

Excellent. For my students. Oxford University Press EFL teacher, teacher trainer and Principal of St. Giles International, Keith Harding has authored and co-authored several courses published by Oxford University Press. To mark the release of stunning new video material for International Express, Keith Harding and Rachel Appleby have prepared a series of four articles to […]