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Online Teaching and Tutoring Job Searching Tips

WHAT online teaching is and it’s required skills.

Exactly like a traditional teacher, an online teacher must be equipped with certain characteristics that set him/her apart from his/her competitors. To be great in her/his profession or professional life, he/she needs to be equipped with a particular set of skills along with additional knowledge of his/her field. An excellent online teacher is one who:

Is skillful and proficient in his/her subject and pedagogic capabilities just like a traditional teacher.

Is highly skillful in IT skills, including but not limited to, the use of online messengers, online teaching tools, internet handling, search engine use, and learning management systems. In short, he/she must be skilled in the usage of both synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.

  • Is highly communicative and vigilant in his/her online discipline while remaining at the other end of the terminal.
  • Keeps him/herself abreast of new technical skills and innovations often introduced to facilitate online teaching and mentoring.
  • Reflects his/her teaching philosophy whether he/she is teaching a class or just an individual student.
  • Facilitates student learning well.
  • Carries on enhancing his/her professional and communicative skills.
  • Possesses impeccable communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Makes sure that he/she is present at all times, even when he/she is not online, to reassure the students that their tutor is available for them as they encounter difficulties.
  • Demonstrates himself/herself as a powerful figure having command of the subject that he/she is teaching.

How many of those skills can you put in your online teacher resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile and be able to back up these skills with proof, such as solid work examples.

Required Qualifications for Online Teaching

For some online teaching jobs, teachers may be required to have a specific diploma or degree-level qualification in his/her specific subject area. For example, if you want to start teaching undergraduate students, a master’s degree in that subject is a minimum requirement to be able to provide quality education to the students. Moreover, it also depends on what subject he/she is going to teach. If you are going to teach at the K-12 level, you often need a degree in education along with a master’s degree in a relevant subject, such as English, Mathematics or Art.

As far as experience and relevant online qualifications is concerned, institutions or clients may be looking for an experienced teacher. It is even possible that some agencies or recruiters may ask for teaching qualifications, certifications or diplomas which are specifically relevant and helpful in different areas involved in online teaching such as IT. Therefore, it is necessary that an online teacher have online education certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Several schools, colleges and universities are now offering online degrees and diplomas. Here are some of the links that will guide you to what qualifications you need to go up the ladder of online teaching.




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