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Welcome to Halina’s Conversational English online course

A bit about me.

I have been teaching languages for over 40 years.

I taught Polish as a foreign language in traditional settings at the Wroclaw University of Technology for about 41 years. I have been teaching English to speakers of other languages for over 25 years.

In 2000, I became an American Citizen.

In 2010, I started my online adventure mainly on WizIQ. Since that time I have been using technology in my classes.

I have been training in both face-to-face and blended learning arrangements.


Are you unsatisfied with your level of Spoken English?

Do you want to become a forward-thinking speaker and reach to a great extent fluency?

Is joining English meetings very challenging? Is it difficult to participate and communicate efficiently?

If so, my course is for you!


Target Students

  • Are you nervous about communicating in English with foreign colleagues?
  • Do you have a good command of English, but feel like your flexibility may be lacking?
  • Would you like to learn how to sound more natural when making small talk and discussing problems?
  • Do you feel the need to improve your conversational skills?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then enroll now!

This course is for Pre-Intermediate to Advanced English Language Learners.


Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Improve speaking competence and English fluency
  2. Increase your communication efficiency
  3. Clarify and ask Questions politely
  1. Use strategies for making Small Talk effectively
  2. Use expressions for Problem Solving
  3. Get ready for a variety English speaking environments
  1. Prepare for different Spoken English Exams and Interviews
  2. Master your Public Speaking fluency



Throughout my online course, participants will be able to ask questions before (in the courseware), during the Virtual Class (in the chat box), and after (in the courseware)

For the duration of the ten live lessons, I will show you exactly what you need to do to make fast progress and achieve your dream of being able to speak English spontaneously as well as naturally. I will go through the approach based on your learning style and show you the best methods and techniques so that you will make unbelievable progress.

I want to demonstrate the best way you should learn English. I also need to make it individual just for you. We all have different strong points and weaknesses. We all have unlike motivation and reason to learn English. You will learn how to use proper English to participate in English meetings, as well as expressions for running a meeting in English.
You will learn how you can do this even if you have a very busy schedule; my methods can be used by anyone no matter how full of activity you are. What’s more, I’ll also share with you the best resources so that you don’t have to spend time looking for the top websites, books, and apps. I always offer content in different formats. For example, if you watch the video, I will also provide a transcript of the video.

I avoid large classes to be able to connect with students on a less formal, personal level; to have a much better opportunity of engaging learners in the course material.

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson: each session is recorded and can be viewed at any time (even after the course has finished). You can also download all lesson notes from the chat box, interact with myself and colleague learners, and participate in enjoyable challenges.

Don’t miss this chance to learn specifically what you need to improve your English. Anyone can achieve an advanced level and further, and this course will show you how as well as help you to expand your language skills.


I offer;

  • Six Virtual Interactive Classes on WizIQ. All classes will be recorded for those who cannot attend.
  • New Technologies such as Videos, Blogs, Social Media and exciting assignments are counted
  • The long-lasting right of entry to the course materials.
  • The best for pre-intermediate or intermediate learners who want to get to a higher level.

The classes will be given one time a week every Saturday at 17.00 pm UTC/GMT for six weeks.

Participants have to use (UTC/GMT) Time Zone Converter to check an exact time of the course




Unique Feature:

I will also provide additional Skype sessions where you can take advantage of the variety activities and practice online speaking.

Course Package:

  • Access to downloadable class recordings
  • Course related PPT’s, PDF’s and word document files are available to the students
  • F2F oral exams for speaking practice on Skype
  • Practice in a variety English speaking settings


VC One: Opening and introduction to the values of being fluent in English as well as how not to learn foreign languages to escape from common learning mistakes.

VC Two: Motivation, involvement, and a challenge are essential. Being passionate about learning English is an excellent start.

VC Three: Learning using traditional methods, memorizing single words and grammar rules should be avoided.

I am against methods that emphasize learning about the language, but for learning by using the language? / expressions, collocations, models, patterns, language chunks /

VC Four: Music in English Teaching helps you get into the routine of learning English. Learning English with the song’s lyrics. @ A

VC Five: Learn how to keep the conversation going with all kinds of speakers and how to set goals, also, to getting into the habit of learning English. Learning English with the song’s lyrics. @ B

VC Six: Drama and Storytelling. Final discussion.

Being creative is a must in the language classroom.

In one of the TED talks, Sir Ken Robinson said that creativity is as important as literacy and as such must be promoted in any classroom. Nowadays, however, most Foreign Language syllabuses follow the testing-oriented approach to allow for more objective assessment of the students.

For recognizable reasons, the testing-oriented approach does not generate a context for learners being creative. Therefore, creativity is not promoted or is even excluded in total.

In my course, I will argue that in the context of Foreign Language Learning and Teaching creativeness is essential. It leads to a better and faster assimilation of language material, and it generates a language rich environment. Moreover, inventiveness unpredictably enough may produce better test results, no matter the learners level is.


Learning Styles


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