The Challenges of Teaching When Silicon Valley Doesn’t Care

What is the future of education?
This is my question?


I have been on a bit of an EdTechbingewriting spree the past few weeks. Part of the reason is that I feel the vast majority of educators and entrepreneurs are finally realizing that Silicon Valley didn’t get it right the first time with our approach to technology and the classroom.

Certainly, some content is more freely available than before, an absolutely wonderful improvement for access and equality. However, the day-to-day work of education hasn’t changed all that much, despite the hype emanating from startups. While Silicon Valley has argued that it would revolutionize education, the reality is that at its best, it has augmented the classic model and not replaced it.

The other reason for my interest is more personal: I am currently teaching my first class of students. In this case, three dozen Korean college students from a top-ranked local university who are taking a class on…

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