Five Myths | MS in Instructional Design and Technology | Walden University

Five Myths | MS in Instructional Design and Technology | Walden University.

Walden University page 29

Recommendations for teachers
Be as fearless as your students.
Make a commitment to learning new technologies or applications that can genuinely help your own productivity or student learning. Try them out in your every day life or with your students. Look to your students or your peers who use technology comfortably. Think through which skills you have and which skills you need to use technology. Use technology more frequently to support student learning.
Seek out or create opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your peers. Join or launch a professional  learning community to share your experiences with using technology and developing 21st century skills. Form a group in your school or district, or find one online, for your grade level or subject area. Consider using online platforms for at least some of these activities.
Evaluate continuing education opportunities. If you have choices in selecting advanced training, consider options that integrate technology and 21st century skills development into the curriculum.
Communicate with parents.
Parents generally support the use of technology as a tool for learning, and they understand that students need to learn new kinds of skills to be prepared to succeed. Technology itself can help you communicate with parents regularly and explain how technology supports student learning and skills development.

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