eLearning and Relearning

Learning is oxygen to your brain which actually keeps you young and alive. People will stop you, patronize you but if you are passionate about learning, no one can stop you.
Now learning does not mean that you learn only the subjects you are taught in school, learning means anything which interests you, learning is not at all about getting a degree.


eLearning to Learn

Is old age really a barrier to learning? In Australia our ageing population is a hot topic. At the Federal Government level there’s a lot of discussion. Mainly centred on pensions and the cost. We’re told we’re an ageing community and there’s a huge cost for pensions and community support. No doubt the government will work through that. One aspect of our ageing population is the issue of learning and making use of new technology. A lifetime of learning has taken place, and with ever changing technology the need, and opportunity, to use and learn new technology abounds. Is it a tablet, a smartphone, smart TV, the internet, on-line banking, digital photography, Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other new technologies. Let’s not forget our ageing population have had a lifetime of learning. They come from generations where perhaps there was no internet, no television, no digital environment, no…

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