Read about Developing a Research Plan

For my students.

Halina's English Academy

SAGE – Student Study Site for Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators, Fourth Edition – Craig A. Mertler

  • Chapter Summary
    • A research question is the fundamental question inherent in any research topic under investigation.
      • Qualitative research questions are typically open-ended, providing for a holistic view; quantitative research questions are more focused, usually on only a few variables.
      • Research questions should not be stated in a manner that assumes an answer before data have been collected.
      • Research questions should be based in the body of literature related to the topic.
      • Research questions must be able to be answered by collecting available data.
      • Research questions must be ethical and feasible to answer.
    • Hypotheses are tentative but intelligent, informed predictions about the findings of a study.
      • Three types of hypotheses are the null hypothesis, the nondirectional research hypothesis, and the directional research hypothesis.
      • The null hypothesis states that no effect, difference, or…

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