What’s Your Story?

Storytelling is a wonderful method of learning English.

The Grand Opening Store

I recently saw a presentation by Bobby Lehew (check him out here) entitled “Energize Your Elevator Pitch: Make Your Company’s Story Unforgettable.” The main idea of the presentation was, people don’t care what you sell. Tell them an engaging story about how you’ve helped others and how you can help them though, and you’ll have them hooked.

A similar sentiment was recently penned by Renee Schneider in her blog post Build Your Brand Through Storytelling. This makes perfect sense. Our memories and associations are driven by emotional triggers and stories to which we can relate. How many top dollar commercials do you see where the solely the facts are listed with no emotion or story whatsoever? Is this a good commercial? “Our product is 10% cheaper than the competition’s and lasts 25% longer.” Logically we know that this statement is positive, but there is no hook or story to…

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