Is Online Learning A Future Of Education?

Is Online Learning A Supplement or A Necessity?

Schools everywhere are witnessing dropping grades, lack of engagement amongst students, and pressure on resources to give extra attention to each student. Online learning has emerged as the ray of hope in this dismal scenario.

What does teaching  and learning with technology mean to you?

I like this model;

According to Gregory and Denby Associates significant implications for teaching with technology state that instruction should attempt to build upon each student’s experiential base.

What a teacher / student learnt from education is, to a large extent, a function of prior knowledge.

One role of technology, therefore, is to bridge personal experiences and formal in traction. Technology should also be sufficiently flexible to adapt to teachers’ / students’ on-going instructional needs. One of the symbols of a master teacher is the ability to recognize and repair student’s misunderstandings and misconceptions.

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