Before I go to sleep: review



Before I go to sleep is a thriller mystery, written by S. J. Watson. A woman called Christine lucas, loses her memory’s due to an ‘accident’ and every time she goes to sleep, her memories vanish. A doctor is helping her to regain all he memories and help her find out, what the accident was.

If you haven’t read this book skip this bold part. (Contains spoilers)

It comes to light that something is suspicions about her husband ben.

Christines journal helps her, come to terms with everything, and eventually things take a turn for the worse and ‘ben’ isn’t actually who he says he is.


This book didn’t fail to entertain me! I loved the construction and how the twist at the end made it clear, what actually happened to Christine. The mystery behind the book is what gave it, it’s brilliance.

I’d rate this book a…

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