Getting Started with Technology

For my friends.

Halina's English Academy

As you adopt technology tools into your courses, you will need to consider students’ previous experience
with technology, their expectations and access to technology, and the variety of learning styles they bring
to your course.
Despite encouraging statistics about students’ comfort with technology
(, there are still segments of the
population that may be far less familiar with technology. While the digital divide has narrowed over the
past several years as Internet connectivity and home ownership of computers have increased, there are
still disparities in who has Internet and broadband access and the use of specific technologies. For
example, recent reports indicate that households earning higher incomes ($75,000+) use the Internet at
much greater rates than lower income households, have higher levels of computer ownership, and are
much more likely to use the Internet multiple times each day for a variety of tasks (Jansen,
2010). Similarly, individuals living with disabilities…

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