What is Listening Skill?

Different people’s knowledge, experiences and preferences naturally construct what they hear and what they remember. This is real listening skill.

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the ears have it

Learning to listen in a second language can be frustrating. If you’ve ever tried to learn a second language, you’ve probably had an experience like this:

You begin to study the language. Soon, you make friends with people who also speak the language. You spend time together. Eventually, you can have conversations in the second language and begin to feel confident.

Then you hear two native speakers of that second language talking to each other. It is a shocking experience. You discover that you can’t understand anything the native speakers are saying. You feel disappointed.

What exactly is the problem? How could you have studied differently?

Developing strong listening skills in a second language can be difficult for students. In fact, teaching listening skills is a challenge for teachers, too. One reason for this is that the actual process of listening, or what we mean by “listening skill” is not…

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