Leading a Culture of Innovation with Sir Ken Robinson

Excellent article. MUST read.

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3753935-expressionless-young-woman-with-usb-cable-in-her-neck--ready-to-be-plugged-in-isolated-on-white-backYesterday I heard Sir Ken Robinson speak live at the EDUCAUSE conference in Anaheim, CA.  Readers may know Ken Robinson by his acclaimed talks about education on TEDx. Robinson, professor, author and advocate for education reform, is originally from Britain—his humour dry, self-deprecating, and quite funny. He did not disappoint on Wednesday despite the early hour of his keynote talk Leading a Culture of Innovation. Robinson spoke of culture and technology, technology’s influence on human behaviour, and in turn its impact on cultural values and norms. Culture, according to Robinson, ‘manifests itself in every part of our being’.  In response, cultures around the world are changing significantly. Though I’m not clear on what Robinson believes—whether its humans driving the change or if it’s the other way around. But the point is moot given that our ‘digital culture is transforming the face of our earth’, to the point that…

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