Online Teaching/Learning

Online Teaching, in my mind, is primarily teaching over the Internet using Skype or certain other platforms. This has not been as primarily successful as anticipated, so far.

The teacher’s presence will always be essential in the classroom, but the character has changed.

Moreover, teachers are no longer the presenters in front of a students taking notes or students primarily listening to what the teacher has to say.

The 21st Century Learners like to contribute in the classroom, deliberate about their interests, and teachers have become facilitators.

Apart from this I think that online education will continue to develop, but classroom teaching will also continue on improving at the same pace.

Although some of my students choose to study online, none of them is saying that it is better than face to face education, just more convenient.

Therefore, at the moment I think that the internet is useful, but it cannot replace the personal appearance and interaction with a teacher and a student.

From my personal experience I can say that Virtual Classes are like regular lessons, a connection appears from the communication between the student and the online teacher. We always feel connected just like if we were in the classroom. Besides, after the class the recording is available to watch.

All things considered; I am strongly for blended teaching/learning, and I do not believe that knowledge will become something the majority will seek entirely online.



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