The Art of Speaking

Songs are the art of speaking
I have been using songs to teach English and Polish for a long time. Personally I strongly believe in the power of good music as well as lyrics. Songs may help with learning pronunciation and can be the inspiration for extraordinarily interesting, challenging discussions. Different topics extremely often inspire students to talk about various issues and problems. That is why songs are also materials for practicing conversational skills. When using songs we are able to create a learning setting to build all language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. There is numerous beneficial classroom music activities focus on lyrics. 


Possibilities of countless as well as different interpretations are the chance to practice spoken language because a lot of songs tell a story, and these stories can be rephrased or said again to practice storyline or making conclusions. However, the songs often use idioms in them that have to be explained. Songs can be also used in discussions of culture and cultural differences. They may be a substantial source of information about human associations, ethics, customs, history, humor etc. I always try to fit into my students’ needs – all depending on the level of the class.

My lessons with songs are mostly based on pop, rock and blues. We do different exercises to improve several language skills.

I read a lot on these pages about the power of music as a way of learning a language. I do, however, encourage my students to listen to English songs as a means of complementing their learning as it is good for strengthening general vocabulary and pronunciation.

This is an innovative world of teaching and learning.

The original songs, phrases, expressions are often memorized and used in real conversations. Singing songs helps many students with some problems dyslexia, stuttering……… That is the beauty of teaching I guess – there is no one correct method. Can you sing a song in front of an audience?

If you can, it is a piece of cake to speak in public.

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