Learning to Teach & Teaching to Learn

See on Scoop.it – Are you a Global Citizen? Teaching as a Way to Learn What is learning and what is the best way to approach it? Listening to lectures, watching videos, listening to podcasts, or reading Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan‘s insight: I do really think that teaching as a way to learn.When you teach, you learn.  […]

Open Education Week on WizIQ

See on Scoop.it – Are you a Global Citizen? Open Education Week Around the World Open Education Week (OEW) is for everyone around the world. It is not only limited to the United States.  The message Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan‘s insight: Open Education Week , also on WizIQ. See on blog.wiziq.com

Infographic: The History of Education

See on Scoop.it – Are you a Global Citizen? The folks at Boundless who last brought us the EdTech Buzzwords Infographic are back with The History of Education. The graphic takes a look at how formal education began, changes along the way, current day and predictions for the next twenty years. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan‘s insight: The […]