My Online Challenges

I started using web technologies three years ago. I have been learning all the time, mostly from my dear mentor Nellie. I am for blended learning which surely takes time (both the instructor’s and learner’s) to adapt to this relatively new model.
Presently I can’t imagine my teaching without increasing online technology. Some years ago, I came to the point that giving classes based only on text books were too boring for me, as a 30+ teacher. Unfortunately, my colleagues are not interested in experimenting with new technologies in the classroom.
Moreover, I have been thinking of becoming an online teacher in the future, when I am retired.
This is why; I am keen on finding out what my chances are .
I absolutely agree that online education is “one of our biggest challenges and opportunities of innovation in today’s education. “

Are we prepared for the massive appearance of online technology in 21st Century Education?
Training teachers (as well as students) how to take advantage of new technologies seems to be the necessity nowadays. On the other hand, do teachers really want to learn and use computer based tools?
Everybody realizes the simple fact that we have various options in our teaching nowadays. Synchronous & asynchronous communication styles give us multiplicities of modus operandi.
In my view, a traditional classroom face-to-face environment with an encouragement to use activities online would be the best choice.
I keep asking the same question; can you learn foreign language only online?
The answers differ.
Is marketing important skill for educators in the 21st century?
If yes, how should we promote ourselves? What are the best and most tolerable ways to advertise our online classes and courses?
There are many excellent, tactful as well as classy educators. For instance, I appreciate and have a high regard for sophisticated presentations by Nellie Muller Deutsch as well as powerful and chic promotional sessions by Jason R Levine.
Unfortunately, recently I have seen some teachers doing PR and I am having difficulty in accepting the overconfident and, sorry to say, tremendously arrogant self-presentations.
Self-promotion isn’t a bad thing but unashamed performance shows, in my opinion, intolerable deficiency in good taste.
As a teacher, I feel really uncomfortable watching some educators marketing their products in an unflattering style. I would not like to be seen as an aggressive and boastful online teacher.
Moreover, from my viewpoint, presenting our classes or courses would be better than bragging about them.


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