Teaching Spoken Language

To Everybody,

As I said before, I have been teaching Polish and English as a second language for 36 years now, I came to the point of solid against grammar approach: teaching grammar instead of English is extremely wrong.
Students don’t learn a language: they learn grammar. They know the main instructions, are able to pass tests, and may have the impression that they are up-to-date with the language well. Though, when they have to speak the language they realize that their fluency does not exist: they can carry out irregular verbs but don’t know how to keep a conversation going, can’t keep a conversation alive.
Such an approach is also psychologically harmful; it makes students worried about making mistakes, discourages their confidence and extinguishes their motivation. It is just blocking learners from speaking a language.
I am perfectly aware of my very unlike teaching approach. At the same time I do really consider that learners want to speak a language without thinking of grammar rules and isolated vocabulary.
Teaching spoken language avoiding structural commends is very difficult as well as challenging but, on the other hand, greatly effective.
Students often complain that at their schools communication is missing as well as the teachers cannot communicate in English. It is common all over the world.
This is why they teach grammar and vocabulary but not speaking skills.



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