Active Learning and Teaching

Active Learning and Teaching

Everybody knows that blended learning takes time for both the instructor and learner. To adapt to this relatively new model, I focus on:

  • Inspiration of using computers in a physical classroom, along with face-to-face teaching/learning
  • Encouraging students to be independent/active learners
  • A traditional classroom face-to-face environment with an encouragement to use activities online.
  • Lessons are about all kinds of topics, as improving spoken English is my main approach.

I find talking about Culture and Cultural Differences very interesting. I also think that teaching language using songs is an effective and enjoyable way of developing language skills.

I am always very happy when I meet a colleague teacher, who uses the actual sayings and expressions for practicing English.

  • For my part, I strongly feel that learning/teaching foreign language should be focused on trying to forget about grammar rules and isolated vocabulary.

We speak without thinking of rules, so working on real phrases is the best language run-through. 

  • My basic question is can you learn foreign language just online?

Generally speaking, I would like to talk about XXI century tools of education. We have some options in our teaching nowadays. Synchronous & asynchronous communication styles give us selections of techniques. There are varieties of media, forms of communication which support choosing the way we present the materials. We can use: print, video cassette, satellite, many sorts of fiber cables or audio MP3 player, CD, telephone, iPod ,text & graphics, handouts, photos, posters etc.

Computer based tools to teach could be: online, e – learning, web references, online testing, web quests, audio & video, podcasts, and blogs. The big question is – which means of communication should we use with a specific education method?

All depends on whether it is a lecture, case study, presentation/demonstration or a group work. Above all, we have to remember that teaching is the first consciousness; equipment should be the second goal, just a tool for educators.







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